What is Runjob?

It is a web-based software that allows you to populate forms we have already generated.

Forms include

  • Submittals
  • Requests for information (RFIs)
  • Letters
  • Potential change orders (PCOs)
  • Transmittals

Our software

  • Logs your documents
  • Numbers your documents sequentially

 I'm a very simple company - a one man show almost. Is this too much or too complicated for me?

No. This program was specifically designed to be easy-to-use, yet powerful.

Whether you do $10,000 or over $100 million annually, this is a helpful and invaluable product.

This product was designed by construction professionals who have been at both of these levels in different disciplines of work.

 Just last week I learned how to turn on the computer, there's no way I can figure this out I'm sure.

We disagree.

It's easy. The easiest part about it is that there is no disk to put in the computer at your office. This is a web-based software. All you need is access to the internet. If you can find a website and type in your username and password, you're up and running.

You do all of your work over the internet. Your data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (except during maintenance periods which are seldom and announced ahead of time).

How secure is my data with Runjob?

Runjob secures your data from other users by permitting you to generate your own username and password. Only you have access to this data. All passwords and files are encrypted with SSL and database encryption.

Your data is protected from being "lost" by server redundancy. Your data is stored in multiple locations, simultaneously, across the United States. If a natural disaster strikes one of our server locations, there is another location thousands of miles away securely protecting your data.

My company does tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of work a year. This software is not powerful enough for me.

We disagree. We say the opposite - our competitors offer too many bells and whistles that you don't use, but you're paying for.

Our founder wrote the program because he needed Runjob in every company he was with from project manager on a $160 million wastewater treatment plant to being the only guy in the office managing a handicap ramp installation project for a municipal owner.

We need a complex program which links schedules to our estimate to our accounting system to our field daily reports to our equipment dispatcher, et cetera.

This is not your software. We don't do that, and it is not in our plan to attempt it. We want to continue to provide a simple product.

If you need to be able to produce an RFI within an hour of buying this program, we're your software. You're purchasing something which can be self-taught.

My company needs consistency. Every project manager or project engineer does letters, RFIs, and submittals in his or her own way.

Runjob is your product. Welcome, you've found us!

This is a common problem in small and large companies. This presents two issues: (1) a lack of consistency in your presentation to Owners and (2) a lack of internal consistent controls.

Mandating use of Runjob in your company means that all of your field management shares the same contacts across the company (they all reside in a shared database accessible by all users of your company). It also means that letter numbers follow the same protocol, RFIs are laid out the same way, and that extra costs are tracked and documented in the same manner in the potential change order (PCO) module.

Can I design my own reports for printout?

Not at this time.

However, each user has the ability to contact our team and make suggestions. So, instead of having the ability to design your own forms, we take popular suggestions and generate new designs. This is included in your annual user fees.

What is in the future of Runjob?

We have more modules to add to Runjob.

Some of it will be information, or functionality, you have seen in other products, but presented in Runjob's unique way. Some of it will make you say:

  • "I can't believe it took this long for someone to finally create this?!", or
  • "Wow, this is something I never thought of.....fantastic!!"

Interested parties can email us to get on our email mailing list, or can check back on our website to receive the latest information.

What is the cost of Runjob?

Explanation is below, but click here for the actual pricing.

At the time of purchase there is an initial fee which covers purchasing Runjob.

User licenses are then purchased as needed and charged on a monthly recurring basis.

Companies looking to purchase in larger volumes are asked to contact us directly.