Runasset Scanning Guide

In order to update assets from the field, you will need to use your built-in QR/NFC scanner, or have a QR scanner app installed on your smartphone or mobile device. Be sure to practice and get to know how your phone/scanner app works.

When scanning, if prompted, allow the app/browser to send notifications and use your device’s location / GPS. You maybe asked to open the url in your device's web browser. We recommend Chrome browser, but most current mobile browsers will do.

When it is time to scan a QR/NFC asset tag on your asset, open the camera or scanning app on your mobile device. Depending on your QR/NFC label, you may have a QR code only, NFC only, or a QR/NFC combo.


If you chose the QR code, your device should be using the camera. Position your camera 6”-8” in front of the asset label, allowing your device to auto-detect the asset label. You may need to give your device time to focus, move the camera in or out a little bit, and assure adequate lighting. The QR code should be clean and free of damage or debris.


If you chose to use NFC, you will need to 'tap' your device onto the NFC label. Depending on your phone, the NFC detector may be at the top of your phone, or somewhere on the back. 

With a little practice, the asset label should be detected and scan the label instantly.

Allow the url to be opened in your device's web browser and you will be taken to the Field Entry screen.

Field Entry

After scanning the asset label, you will then be at the field entry screen. If prompted, be sure to allow your device to use your location / GPS. From this screen, you may fill out a number of basic or template-specific fields relating to the asset scanned. This can include condition, notes, a photo or video, etc. Your screen may vary slightly depending on your device.

In order to save any data, you will need to provide your credentials. This ensures that only authorized users may update the asset. The credentials are your registered email address (or phone number) and PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN, you may reset it yourself by following the “Forgot PIN” link on the bottom of the page or contact your Runasset office administrator. Once credentials are entered and desired fields are entered, tap “Submit” to save the information.

Map Confirmation

After tapping “Submit” on the field entry page, you will advance to the map confirmation screen. This page will indicate that a proper scan has occurred and the data has been saved.

Indicators of a successful scan and save are:

  • A map with red location pin
  • A message below the map reading “Location Saved” & “Credentials Accepted"
  • And possibly a message indicating that template fields have been saved. No error messages or other warnings.
  •  You have now successfully scanned and updated the asset!

Need More Help?

Visit or call 888-588-5242 anytime for Runasset technical support.